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Because We Have Cash, We Don’t Need To Go Through Real Estate Agents, Banks, or Inspectors To Get Approved Or Qualify To Buy Your Home. We Make You An Offer. We Fill Out Simple Paperwork. We Close On A Date Of Your Choosing At A Reputable Title Company And That’s it. Money In Your Hands. Easy as .

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We will meet you at the property and go over any questions you may have. We then present you with an all cash offer.

We close at a local reputable attorney, cash in your hands, property off your hands!

We Will Contact You

We Will Reach Out To Schedule A Walk-Through Appointment With You At The Property. Remember, You Don’t Have To Clean Anything.

Estimating Repairs

While We’re Doing A Walk-through Of The Property With You, We’ll Be Looking At Everything Such As Flooring, Bathrooms, Ceilings, Paint ect. It Is Very Important We Take A Good Look At Your Property, So That We Can Present You With The Highest Offer Possible While Keeping Our Financial Risk As Low As Possible.

Signing The Contract

Once Our Walk-Through Is Complete, We Will Make You A Offer At The Property. If You’re Satisfied With Our Offer, We Can Sign The Contract At The Appointment & Can Close Within 30 Days Or Less. Feel Free To Ask Questions! 🙂 We Would Love To Answer Any That You May Have During Or After The Walk-Through.

Get Paid At Closing

We Will Close At A Reputable Title Company On The Date That We Agreed To Close On In The Contract. You Come To Closing & Pick Up Your Check. Or, You Can Request The Title Company To Mail Or Wire You Your Money. The Choice Is Always Yours.


You Sold Your home & Have Money In Your Hands! We Truly Appreciate Your Business & Are Glad We Served You On Your New Journey In Life!

Offers Are Based On After Repair Value

What Is “After Repair Value”?

After Repair Value Or [ARV] Is What The Market Value Of Your Home Would Be If Everything Was Completely Renovated Or Upgraded To Meet Current Market Standards. For Us To Figure Out What The [ARV] Of Your Home Is, We Would Need To Look At Other Homes In The Area That Sold Close By And That Are Identical To Yours. Here, Let Me Give You An Example.

So, Lets Say Your Neighbor Tom Just Sold His House Last Month. Before He Sold It, Tom Put In A New Kitchen With Granite Counter Tops, Painted The House Inside & Out, Put Some New Carpet And Flooring In & Installed A New AC Unit. After These Upgrades Were Made, Tom Sold His House Very Quickly For $250,000. We Also See That Other Neighbors Nearby, Who Have The Exact Same House Like You & Tom, Did The Exact Same Upgrades And Sold Their Homes For $250,000.

Now, Since The Final Sales Price Of These Transactions Are Publicly Available, We Know That If We Make The Same Upgrades To Your House( AFTER We Buy It From You Of Course) Your Identical House Would Also Sale For $250,000.

This Is Called The After Repair Value!

We Use A Very Simple Formula

Let Us Explain..

The Formula In Action

If Repairs Are More

After Repaired Value(ARV) =$250,000

Cost Of Repairs(COR) = $40,000

Our Selling Costs(OSC) = 10% x $250k = $25,000

Our Minimum Profit(OMP) = $30,000

[$250,000]- [$40,000]- [$25,000]- [$30,000]= $155,000

Your Offer = $155,000

If Repairs Are Less

After Repaired Value(ARV) =$250,000

Cost Of Repairs(COR) = $30,000

Our Selling Costs(OSC) = 10% x $250k = $25,000

Our Minimum Profit(OMP) = $30,000

[$250,000]- [$30,000]- [$25,000]- [$30,000]= $165,000

Your Offer = $165,000

YES That’s Right! If Repairs Are Cheaper We Can Offer You More! That’s A $10,000 Difference!

We Make Offers Based On Numbers, Not Desperation

Is There A Catch?

NOT ONE! We Make Sure The Entire Home Selling Process Is As Smooth & Hassle Free As Possible For You. We Do All The Work So You Won’t Have To While Answering Any Questions You May Have With Honesty.

Am I Really Getting A Fair Offer?

Yes, We Don’t Believe In Taking Advantage Of Homeowners And Here’s Why. We Need Our Offers To Be Accepted In Order To Stay In Business. Companies That Take Advantage Of People Don’t Stay In Business For Very Long. KARMA Is Another Reason. We Believe That What Goes Around DOES Come Back Around, So We Would Love To Avoid That. We’re Simply Honest People Doing Honest Work.

Why Should I Sell To You Vs With An Agent?

That Answer Comes Down To What Is Most Important To You Right Now. If Selling Your Home quickly Without Hassle, Cleaning, Repairs, Or Waiting Months To Close Is Important To You RECEIVE AN OFFER TODAY! From Us. For More Information On This, Check Out Our Side By Side Comparison Of Listing With An Agent Vs Selling To VitaHomeBuyers.

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